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Nicolle Stinson and Victorious Life Church in Fort Plain

April 15, 2019
Victorious Life Church holds services every Sunday at 10:30 AM.  

Here is a blurb from one of the posts on the blog posted by Nicolle Stinson and authored by Pastor Donnie Semple:

As we look out our windows, after a long winter, we eagerly anticipate the robins returning, the trees blooming and the warmer days of Spring.  

Our spirits have felt enslaved to the four corners of our homes with little hope of every being able to adventure outside without the trials & trouble of winter weather, cold blustering winds, and layers upon layers of clothing to keep us comfortable, while being miserable.  

When I think of Spring I am always brought to the place in my Spirit that Rejoices in remembrance of Resurrection Sunday.  A time that amplifies the Eternal Hope that we have in Christ Jesus.  A time that reminds us that through great adversity brought forth the Greatest Victory to mankind.  
Nicolle Stinson has launched a website for Victorious Life Church in Fort Plain New York.

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